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West Rank, Malaysia, implements Network marketing mobile app on iNotify

West Rank, Malaysia, implements Network marketing mobile app on iNotify
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Mobien Digital is proud to announce that Westrank Equity Sdn Bhd has chosen its award winning iNotify platform for its mobility deployment for Channelizing Sales Information flow for Westrank Authorized Dealers, Resellers and Customers.

About West Rank Sdn Bhd


Westrank Equity Sdn Bhd is a registered gold trading company in Malaysia. Its core business is the buying and selling of gold bullion. Westrank will endeavour to provide a discount to its customers – the nature of which is similar to goldsmith outlets in Malaysia. The customer is then in possession of the amount of gold bullion purchase, and is free to keep or sell his/her gold at any point that he/she wishes.

Buying and selling of gold through multilevel marketing business model is the core business of Westrank. So sales of gold & customer satisfaction plays a vital role for Westrank. One of the biggest challenge is to get real-time information in channelizing the multilevel sales cycle. Keep track of daily sales activities of registered authorized dealers & resellers. Ease in calculation of sales commissions based on the performance of the marketing team. Streamline daily transaction activities of associated users including the company back-end staff & registered users.

Traditionally the entire cycle of appointing authorized dealers, authorized reseller, customers was being done using physical documentation. Agreement documents like – trade agreements, sales & purchase agreements, trust deeds etc. were done manually which involved lot of paper work and latency in business.

Mobien Technology with its award winning iNotify Platform came up with a solution to give Seamless visibility on product movement across chain, Accurate information on pricing, sales, deliveries & collections at real time, Improved time to market (TTM), Effective measurement matrix for target vs achievement and an Integrated platform linking the entire chain along with back end staff and marketing teams in real time.

The Enterprise mobility Solution developed by Mobien Digital will include various process like Authorized Dealer Registration, Authorized Reseller Registration, Customer Registration, Sales Order Creation, Sales Order Approval, Delivery Order Creation, Delivery Order Approval, Authorized Reseller conversion to Authorized Dealer, Re-assignment of Authorized Dealer to Authorized Reseller, Downgrade of Authorized Dealer to Authorized Reseller, View Details (DO status/Confirmation status/Approval status/self-commissions details etc.), User Management, Master Management & MIS Reports. The Solution is capable of working on iPad App – OS 5.0 and above and the web application works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

West Rank has chosen iOS as a platform and the enterprise mobile app has been rolled out on Apple iPad.

About Mobien Digital:

Mobien Digital is a leading enterprise mobility company with focus on delivering sustainable and cost effective solutions. Mobien offers a mobile application framework enabling complex business processes and applications on mobile devices; in real time and independent of network access. From FMCG / Retail to pharmaceuticals to chemical Industries, companies make informed mission critical decisions using Mobien’s enterprise mobility solution that extends key and real time business application information to their field associates.. Mobien has led some of the most complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations for Fortune 500 clients who use its technology for taking business processes and the related information management to handheld devices.


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