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The Promise Of Enterprise Mobility in India

The Promise Of Enterprise Mobility in India
Mobientech - Blog - The promise of enterprise mobility in india

The adoption of mobility solutions and services is growing beyond expectation in the country, and presents a multi-billion dollar opportunity to partners. Enterprise mobility (EM) is broadly described as a set of technologies that enable an enterprise to securely permit its workforce to access and consume enterprise IT applications and services through any device of their choice.

Pune-based Mobien Digital has evolved into a full-fledged mobile application vendor and is focusing on migrating legacy enterprise applications to mobile-ready platforms. Informs Ajit Gokhale, CEO, Mobien, “Our iNotify platform has around 60 customers, and we have built revenue of over Rs 13 crore in the past two years, with almost all coming from EM services around application migration and modernization.”