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Mobien Tech looking at expansion with new solution

Mobien Tech looking at expansion with new solution

The Pune-based Mobien Technology, player in the mobile solution segment, is all set to expand its footprint in the domestic and global markets with its mobile solution, inotify.

Inotify is a mobile application framework that enables organisation to extend their ERP solutions to remote field teams using devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, and PDA.

Talking to presspersons, Mr Ajit Gokhale, Managing Director, Mobien Digital, said inotify helps enterprises use mobile networks to do a two-way transaction in real time with the back-end ERP system.

It enables forwarding and routing of corporate or any other time-critical information to mobile devices.

He said that it could work with any network, GSM or CDMA and apart from GPRS/EDGE etc, and also work even in rural areas where proliferation of technology or leased line connectivity was low.

He pointed out that it is independent of service provider and so organisations could select multiple service providers and the cost for an organisation with about 500 users could work out to about Rs 35 lakh.

Mr Ajit said the company is planning to tap the US and Europe markets. A joint venture in Toronto with a SAP-based company is being worked out. It was expecting to kick off the North American venture with an implementation for an FMCG firm in Canada.

He said it has also recently signed a strategic alliance with Intelligroup Asia, to showcase its products in the US and South East Asia. It would be targeting the verticals such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, cement, and fertilisers.

He said the company was expanding its footprint to more than 40 implementations in the APAC region. The company, which has so far invested close to Rs 23 lakh in the Pune development centre would see an expansion in the centre with an additional space of 3,500 sq.ft.

It would also ramp up its employee roll from the present 42 to 160. He added that the company is in talks with venture capitalists for further funding which would be utilised to set up operations in India and outside.

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