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iNotify – Press Release

iNotify – Press Release
  • “iNotify™”, unique Mobile Solution from Mobien to extend ERP to field teams and supply chain.
  • iNotify offers cost effective last mile connectivity
  • iNotify facilitates real time flow of information and quicker decision making in an enterprise

In the present era of Business At The Speed of Thought or Business On Demand, the importance of quick decision making is key to the success for any enterprise. Businesses around the world are investing significantly in technologies that integrate the base of information to facilitate live processing and decision making.

The primary bottleneck businesses face today to operationalize ERP for remote locations is the last mile connectivity. Businesses assumed that the leased line networks was one of the main options, which is expensive. The other costs dragging the return on investments on such solutions were the ERP vendor’s user license fees.

Technology devices such as the GSM or CDMA mobile phones have made it possible for the field staff to be constantly in touch with their controlling offices by voice. Yet, as the information systems such as enterprise-wide resource planning – at such controlling offices are not linked effectively with the communication devices used by the field staff, there may be time lags in making business decisions.

Mobien Digital LLC announces iNotify – a mobile solution that can effectively integrate with the ERP systems at the headquarters of organizations with the communication devices used by the field staff using commonly available GSM or CDMA infrastructure. It helps the organizations to realize the “Last Mile Connectivity” to the field teams and warehouses using simple mobile phones.

iNotify is a smart mobile application framework that enables organizations to extend their ERP solutions to the remote field teams using devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs etc. iNotify helps enterprises use the mobile networks to do a two way transaction in real time, with the back end ERP system. In other words, it enables forwarding and routing of corporate or any other time-critical electronic information to mobile devices.

Unique advantage that iNotify offers is that it can work with any network, GSM or CDMA, and apart from GPRS/EDGE etc it can also work on simple GSM network. Hence iNotify can work even in rural areas where proliferation of high technology GPRS or EDGE networks or leased line connectivity may be low. It’s completely independent of service provider, so organizations can select multiple service providers across the geography depending upon their preference. iNotify can be deployed on a range of mobile devices. Hence an organization can reap in the benefits of mobility by using simple mobile handsets which could be worth Rs. 5000-6000.

Apart from two-way data synchronization, iNotify also offers Business Activity Monitoring tools which help an organization to monitor the transactions in ERP against the set thresholds etc. This can be of great help to senior/top management to be informed of any transactional exception that may be happening at ERP, while they are on the move.

iNotify has a completely modular architecture making configuration and implementation an extremely simpler task for the organisation. iNotify provides for connectors for various popular ERP and database systems such as:

  • SAP
  • Oracle Apps
  • BAAN
  • Custom ERP/CRM systems on Oracle, MS SQL etc

iNotify is virtually platform independent and offers you the freedom to choose the mobile platform depending upon the functional requirement and the user needs. It offers compatibility with many mobile operating systems such as:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile PDAs
  • Nokia Series 40 / 60 / 80 Phones
  • Sony Ericsson Symbian UIQ Phones
  • Most of the Cell phones offering Java™ compatibility
  • Palm

Applications of iNotify™

Some of the verticals where iNotify can be of great help in increasing productivity are:

  • Fertilizer and Cement Industry
  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG and Distribution
  • Logistics

Mr. Ajit Gokhale, Managing Director, Mobien Digital said the company is already a front runner in the mobile solutions space in India with some of the unique product offerings. Mobien plans to enter the US and European markets in the coming financial year. A Joint venture in North America with one of the leading SAP consulting company would be announced very shortly. Mobien would be aggressively pursuing these industry verticals in top-bottom approach in the coming financial year, by encashing the success that it achieved by implementing the solution with the industry vertical leaders such as ITC, Nagarjuna Fertilisers, Zuari Industries, Dr Reddy’s laboratories etc.

Mobien has recently signed a strategic alliance with Intelligroup Asia, one of the leading ERP services companies. This alliance will also help Mobien showcase its products to customers in US and South East Asia.

In the coming financial year, Mobien is planning to have a foot print of more than 30-40 implementations in APAC region. We also expect to kick off the North American Venture with an implementation for a large FMCG company in Canada.

Mobien also plans substantial investments in the coming year at its development center at Pune in terms of facility and resources.