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iNotify – Press Release – Thailand

iNotify – Press Release – Thailand
The Beginning…

The name Mobien symbolizes mobile enablement; developing revolutionary technology solutions that help organizations across the globe take their business processes to the last mile in their business realms. We have made sincere, genuine and humble effort to capture the essence of mobility and translate it into a profitable and scalable proposition for the user. Mobien was promoted in 2004 by one of the leading Intel partners in India, Logitech Systems India P Ltd. Founders bring rich experience of more than 42 man years in information technology field.

Mobien Digital LLC strives to carve a niche for itself in this changing business paradigm by offering innovative, affordable and scalable business solutions on handheld PCs and mobile domain. We believe that the next generation of information technology would be dominated by convergence and people would shift to thin clients, in a virtue of achieving a lower total cost of ownership and better bottom line for their businesses.

Building concept to Reality…

In the present era of Business at The Speed of Thought or Business On Demand, the importance of quick decision making is key to the success for any enterprise. Businesses around the world are investing significantly in technologies that integrate the base of information to facilitate live processing and decision making.

The primary bottleneck businesses face today is to facilitate remote field workers to transact with central ERP or CRM solution. Businesses realize that most of the latency, delays in business decisions is linked to non availability of last mile connectivity and inability for the field teams to get real time information from the ERP. In an intensely competitive business domain, ability to reinvent the business process will be key to retain the competitive edge.

Mobien technologies realized the immense potential opened by omni-present mobile networks very early and developed the dream of using mobile networks for business communication into reality. Mobien realizes the potential by enabling a machine-to-machine communication using mobile networks would be a key driver to revolutionize the way businesses transact today.

iNotify – a mobile application infrastructure developed by Mobien Digital LLC thrives to achieve just this. It enables businesses to allow the field teams to use their mobile handsets to transact with the central ERP in real time.

Unique and patented architecture that has gone in building this product enables various practical limitations such as –

  • Compatibility with any GSM / CDMA service provider
  • Compatibility with many popular ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Apps, MS SQL, Siebel etc.
  • Compatibility with most of the commonly used mobile phones.

There are a number of solutions deployed on iNotify that can be used for various tasks such as sales force automation, field service teams automation, Time and Attendence and task management, that can be deployed for many industry verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Agro & Fertiliser, Cement, Consumer goods, FMCG, Distribution, Logistics, Construction and more importantly can be deployed by governments for various e-governance and citizen self service programs.

In last 2 years, the product has been deployed across many verticals in India and Middle East and about more than 20 top-tier corporate companies rely on iNotify to bridge the gap between the ERP and their field teams. Many of the industry leaders in verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Agro and Chemicals, FMCG and distribution in Indian sub continent have deployed mobility solutions based on iNotify for their field teams.

PC Quest, an independent IT publication company conducts survey of top IT initiatives in India. Deployment of iNotify in Nagarjuna Fertilisers for the supply chain automation was chosen as one of the Top 50 IT implementations in 2007.

Mobien also won the award at “Innovations 2008” hosted by IIT Mumbai, one of the most premier technology institutes in India. Mobien also nominated for the coveted “Parkhe award for industrial innovation” hosted by Maratha Chamber of Commerce.

These product accolades clearly underline the core vision of “continuous product innovation” at Mobien. Suhas Kale, CTO, adds that innovation will not only add value to our offering but the customers would stand to gain out of leveraging more from the existing infrastructure and thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Marketing Strategy

Mobien Digital has embarked upon an ambitious marketing plan and pre-sales strategy by initiating three pronged market development program by enabling independent pre-sales partners, building relationships with technology providers and independent ISVs and getting into relationships with service providers.

Mobien Digital was invited to become an Enterprise Zone partner by Nokia. This alliance enables Mobien to work more closely with Nokia Enterprise Solutions, the arm of Nokia helping businesses and institutions worldwide improve performance through extended mobility. As a member of the PRO Enterprise Zone, Mobien Digital receives exclusive technical, business development and marketing support enabling it to engage Nokia Enterprise Solutions and its customers with offerings that complement Nokia’s enterprise product line. Mr. Ajit Gokhale, CEO, adds that this alliance not only will add the cutting edge to the product in terms of features and technology initiatives, but Mobien will also gain huge coverage through marketing events happening around the globe partnering with Nokia’s enterprise solution teams.

Mobien has also partnered with Microsoft and Intel under their independent software developer programs. These alliances help Mobien with lot of exclusive and privileged technical information relating to Windows Mobility solutions and Intel Mobile architecture.

Partnership with Service providers and Pre sales partners remains a major driver for expansion in Asian regions. In last couple of years, Mobien built very close relationships with service providers such as Idea Cellular and Airtel. iNotify has been one of the premier partner products for many independent software vendors such as Intelligroup, Perot Systems, LTITL, ESS software solutions etc. iNotify enables them with opportunities to up-sell to their existing customers by offering mobility solutions built and customized to their existing product portfolio.

Apart from India, Mobien has started to ramp up its marketing activities in Gulf and ASEAN regions. This is assisted by getting into strategic relationship with a pre-sales partner company in Thailand and setting up its own subsidiary in Dubai, looking after gulf region. Current year will see Mobien getting into other ASEAN regions such as Vietnam, Malaysia through this alliance. Mobien also plans to build relationships with service providers in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore which will enable it to target the enterprise customers of service providers and give them an opportunity to up-sell their existing customers.

In current year, Mobien also plans to setup its subsidiary in North America. Currently a regional head has been appointed and located at Toronto to initiate further operations. Mobien has also initiated dialogs with a couple of leading system integrators and Rogers, one of the leading telecom players in Canada.

Growth Achieved

Last 3 years Mobien has been growing at more than 200% in terms of top line and we plan to achieve the revenues of 50 Million USD in next two fiscal years. Next two years will see Mobien as the Top Mobility software vendor in ASEAN and we plan to capitalize on that base to get into US and European markets. Mobien also secured its first round of funding from a venture fund specialized into communication sector backed by investees such as Google, Intel etc. This round of funding primarily will be used for aiding the ‘go-to-market’ strategy and to fund its on-going research and development.

Road Ahead…

In terms of technology, 2008 will see Mobien releasing version compliant to upcoming Android platform from google. The year will also see the next product release capable of delivering location aware intelligence. This will add immense value to solutions deployed especially for verticals such as Distribution , Logistics and FMCG.

Mobien is also pioneering into delivering mobility solutions under the SAS regime. SAS version of its flagship product, iNotify, will be available commercially by 2009.