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iNotify Launched In Malaysia

iNotify Launched In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA, Feb 04, 2013 – Mobien Digital, the leading Asian and European enterprise Mobility Company and LTT Global, Malaysia, today announced the launch of its mobility solutions for the Malaysian market, based on increased customer demand from the South East Asian countries/ continent. Mobien addresses the last mile problem being faced by companies as they enable their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) carrying mobile workforce to be as efficient outside the office as within, and take mission critical enterprise applications to the last mile. Malaysia happens to be a key market from Mobien’s Asian Strategy and the launch follows successful expansion in other Asian countries like Thailand and Philippines.

iNotify technology validated by customer adoption in the BYOD and increasingly social world enabling all verticals make informed decisions as they empower workforce, any device, any network..

Mobien CEO, Mr. Ajit Gokhale said “Mobien sees Malaysia as an important market in our Asian strategy and having a right partner was important from the perspective of successful strategy. We see LTT Global’s passion for mobility over a decade and as a strategic partner to address this key market for us. We strongly believe that Mobien and LTT together will comprehensively work towards the mission of rolling out successful mobility strategies for enterprises in Malaysia. Our endeavor is to ensure that mobility solutions powered by our technology will create competitive advantage for our customers in Malaysia and in the region and bring lot of business value for them on the table”.

“Improved Smartphone adoption has created the need for a desktop-like work environment for the increasingly global mobile workforce. Mobien’s solution is agnostic to mobile device, carrier and network, making it a reliable technology especially for cross-continental large organizations that are interested in delivering and updating their field associates with real-time data,” added Wemel Cumavoo, CEO, LTT Global. LTT Global addresses the broad range of consultancy services to its clients. Mobien’s enterprise mobility solutions fill the digital divide in an organization and extend their ERP, CRM, and other critical business solutions to mobile devices.

“The BYOD trend is rapidly growing, and every company will need to find an efficient solution,” said Suhas Kale, CTO, Mobien Digital. “In the mobile space, we believe we have the right ingredients to be successful, including strong technology roots, experience of implementation, and expertise to succeed in North America. We also bring with us a team that is pedigreed with 150 man years of mobility and technology experience working with leading companies in Asia and Europe.”

Mobien’s agnostic solution makes it a unified enterprise mobility platform for various vertical sectors, including manufacturing, chemical, retail and pharmaceuticals. Mobien’s technology is at work in several Fortune 500s and its flagship product iNotify works with leading ERP, CRM systems and other mission critical business applications. Mobien has led some of the most complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations for Fortune 500 clients who use its technology for taking business processes and the related information management to handheld devices. Mobien’s customer success stories include Asia’s second largest pharmaceutical company, whose biggest challenge was excess inventory in the secondary and tertiary distribution chains; with Mobien’s solutions they reduced inventory cycles from 30 days to about four.

“We offer a comprehensive solution through our technology. Enterprise mobility is not just about accessing the enterprise platform securely through mobile devices,” said Ajit Gokhale, CEO, Mobien Digital, “But also to innovate on the whole business process, taking full advantage of riding on a smart device, using its every software and hardware capability to add more intelligence, more data attributes to the business processes in question and thereby regulating the whole enterprise productivity. This is something that we try to work on regularly with our customers.”

Mobien’s technology also is used by leaders like Mega Life sciences to extend their complex Customer Relationship Management solutions to sales representatives, while OCS, a global facility management leader, uses Mobien’s technology to help supervisors monitor field activities and manage resources in real time that helps them reduce cost, inventory, labour and logistics.

Being a large facility management player, we employ around 35,000 workers and it is a nightmare to manage their rosters, address customer complaints, improve turnaround time and reduce operating costs, iNotify helped us address these issues very effectively, improving our turnaround time by about 15 percent while cutting labor costs by about eight percent, said the Managing Director of a large Asia Pacific corporation.

On 4th February Mobile Monday (MoMo) celebrated their first year ‘Venue Anniversary’. This time around during the sharing session. They had a speaker from LTT Global’s partner, Mobien Digital represented by Mukund Thatte, who spoke on ‘Enterprise Mobility’ and how Mobien help organizations to fill the digital device by enabling them to extend their ERP or CRM solutions to the last mile through its award winning iNotify™ mobile application framework.