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AIS, Thailand announces tie-up with Mobien

AIS, Thailand announces tie-up with Mobien
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Thailand’s biggest mobile service operator, Advance Info Services (AIS) has announced a link-up with an Indian company, Mobien Technology, to provide mobile-based sales-force solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Mobien Digital is a software company based in Pune, India, that provides enterprise mobile solutions on handheld devices and mobile phones.

The move aims to encourage Thai SMEs in all industries to use mobile solutions to enhance their business performance in a time of tough competition.

AIS’s vice president and head of corporate business Hon Mun Yip said mobility was an essential requirement for businesses and sales-force solutions, allowing companies to maintain real-time contact with their salespeople, were an important aspect of mobility, allowing SME’s to reduce their headcount while improving efficiency by reducing time and errors.

“We want to make mobile solutions easily available to SMEs in any mobile devices. In the past, our solution partners have been keen on certain technology platforms, and this has made our expansion in mobile solutions quite slow. But Mobien Digital is keen on solutions that apply across devices and technology platforms,” Yip said.

The two partners are aiming at 15 industry segments, including tourism, trading, manufacturing, retailing, services, construction and consumer goods.

Mobien Digital’ chief executive officer Ajit Gokhale said his company’s flagship product, called iNotify, was a mobile application framework enabling organisations to connect with their sales teams, dispatch, field teams and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in real time.

“We saw huge market opportunities in Thailand because its market for mobility solutions is one of the fastest-growing in Asia, following India and China,” he said.

Gokhale said the iNotify framework was unique in offering ‘the last mile’ connectivity to all remote users, across devices such as Nokia and Motorola mobile phones, Windows Mobile smart phones and personal digital assistants. The solution will help Thai companies to reduce operational costs as well as increasing their business performance.

He said Mobien Digital would work with AIS through Spacove, its Thailand marketing arm.

“Joining with the largest mobile operator and having a local marketing company to offer our mobility solutions is the model we have deployed on entering each new market. In Thailand, we will work with AIS and Spacove,” Gokhale said.

Spacove’s director Kottaram V Ramesh said his company provided two main approaches for customers: device independent, with which it does not matter whether the mobile devises are Blackberry, Windows Mobile-based devices, personal digital assistants, Symbien-based or Java-platform devices; and platform independent, operating successfully with SAP, Oracle and MS SQL.

The company aims to attract at least 10 customers this year.

“The strong point of iNotify is that it requires only 10 per cent customisation; 90 per cent of customers can use their existing systems. Our reference is Property Care Services (Thailand) or PCS – Thailand’s leading integrated property-support service company. The iNotify solution has been serving its business with a staff of 35,000,” Ramesh said.

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