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Why should companies need to use more mobile apps?

Why should companies need to use more mobile apps?
Why companies need to use more mobile apps

Mobile apps are changing the way companies conducted their businesses. Though it evolved more as a “last mile connectivity” option, over the period of time mobile apps have become a kind of business process improvement tool. Mobile apps offer multiple opportunities for different businesses across multiple industry verticals world wide. Whether its more of field force operations or line of business (LOB) tools, companies have realised the importance of mobile app deployment and are realising the importance of an innovative business strategy.

Deploying a mobility initiative can be a long and complex procedure, however with the right mobility strategy, a scalable platform and a reliable development partner in place, it can turn these daunting tasks into a seamless and ROI drive procedure. So what are the important opportunities do mobile apps provide for businesses ?

Boost Employee Productivity

BYOD (Bring your own device) is here to stay in today’s workplace. Employees are keen to continues their own devices coupled with productivity tools/apps to simplify their business processes. Access to corporate data irrespective of what device is being deployed, employees are able to access the important information in real time almost anywhere. With devices becoming more sophisticated, employees are able to access not just the corporate data but  locale specific intelligent data pushed by their backend ERP or CRM enables them to take an informed decision. Whether the BYOD policy is being deployed or not, its more likely that employees will use plethora of devices making the business process more agile and flexible.

Faster Internal Communication

One of the biggest constraint most of the companies face is communication capabilities. Employees need to have an internal communication which is real time and context sensitive. Companies with a large distribution networks do need to communicate extensively with their partners like distributors, retailers etc. on various issues like schemes, promotions, sales and the value chain also need to communicate with companies regarding issue resolution etc. Most of the traditional ways of communication which may include email, SMS or IM face issues of longevity, shelf life, bidirectional communication.

Mobile applications do help companies to setup an agile and responsive communication channel both for internal and external communication thats real time, context sensitive and enables companies to get an instant feedback. This helps companies minimise delays in business process, isolate lost sales, improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Business Costs

Relying on paper-based processes which are prone to human error can waste time and money searching for data that might be outdated by the time it is accessed. Mobile technology provides real-time data for businesses and reduces data entry time and human errors that are often made with paper-based processes.

A lack of clarity across an organization is often a contributing factor when it comes to increasing business costs. This is the result of miscommunication and inaccurate data.

Mobilizing a business will eliminate the risk of delayed projects and provide employees with the necessary data to exceed customer expectations. A mobile application will act as a key tool for your entire workforce whilst reducing company overheads.

One of the biggest cost risks that companies in manufacturing or chemical industries face is downtime of their manufacturing activities. Mobile apps deployed for their plant maintenance engineers can ensure that the maintenance activities are more pro-active and effectively reduce the risk of down time helping them to save huge cost over-runs. Similarly companies can effectively deploy mobile apps in their supply chain enabling them to reduce their secondary logistics cost by a significant percentage.


Innovative mobile apps catered for workforce management not only help companies capture the data from field in real time, but also help them create a complete  visibility across the value chain. Companies which are in distribution businesses like CPG or Pharmaceuticals, having a real time visibility of the sales happening in primary or secondary markets enable them to be competitive and react faster to market dynamics helping them to be highly efficient.

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