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Rural Sales force Automation

Rural Sales force Automation

Godfrey Phillips India, with decades of active industry experience, is profitable organization carrying out the value for the society without compromising on there ethical systems and following adopted best practices at all times.

Its celebrating seventy five years of commitment to excellence: Over the years, Godfrey Phillips India, has amassed goodwill by conforming to ethical business practices at all times and acting as a catalyst for social change. Witness to dramatic changes in technology, commerce, and society, they have promoted innovative business models, to stay ahead of the competition. Due to this persisting endeavor to excel, innovate and win, company has grown to become one of the largest companies in its class, with sales of over 3200 crores. Over the years, company has built an extensive network of distributors and retail outlets. The Company already hold the faith of 500 distributors and have successfully nurtured 800,000 retail outlets, with offices in eight locations across the country.

Rural Sales Force Automation:

Sales process was carried out by Organization using traditional way of Functioning. Sales front line was using the manual process for issue of the Stock from Distributor to Sales Executive. Delivery of material to Retailers was also paper based. And it was challenge all the time to issue stock based on the latest schemes offered in the market. More over it was challenging to record the actual delivery, recording the collection against the outstanding and then doing the reconciliation of stock and collection. Also conducting the inventory for each Sales Executive was another challenge. Tracking the visit of the Sales people to retail outlet was different challenge for Sales offices and also understanding the activity what they used to perform in their visit. There was no tool to measure the Performance of Sales Representatives as well Retailer.


  • Delay was there due to Manual Process
  • Challenges in handling the actual issue of Stocks
  • Challenges to record the Outstanding and collections
  • No traceability of Sales executives visits in Rural area.
  • No traceability of activity carried out by Sale representative.
  • No mechanism to record the performance of Sales Representative and Retailer
  • Beat plan visit verification was not possible.

Implementation using GMS as fallback:

Organization decided to go ahead with Mobien Digital and adopted iNotify Enterprise Mobility Platform to change this entire scenario. The major reason why Mobien was selected was to have the successful traceability of transactions and its people even in Rural Area as iNotify is capable of working in Offline mode and is capable of transacting using plain GSM. So the Sales Force automation was deployed on Android Phones where in the entire process of Stock Issue from Warehouse to Sale Executive was mobilized using iNotify Application. The Sales force automation included the Actual delivery to retailer, outstanding and the collection as well. With implementation of Mobien’s Application on Android phone it is possible to track the movement of the sales people and it is easy to trace the beat plan visits as well. Reconciliation of Stock issue and even the outstanding verses collection is matter of few seconds. The performance measurement of Sales Representative and the Retailer is readily available. Even if user is on GSM communication it is made possible to trace the Beat Plan.


  • Delay in process is reduced drastically.
  • Gives clear picture of Stock Issued from Distributor to Sales representative.
  • There is no confusion as to actual delivery to Retailer.
  • Outstanding amounts are getting reflected with clarity on Collection.
  • Sales office is in position to trace the Route attended by Sales Rep.
  • Performance of Sales Rep and Retailer is available for every day transactions.