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Optimising supply chain using mobility

Optimising supply chain using mobility
Optimising supply chain using mobility

Supply chain for chemical, steel and manufacturing companies can be very complex and critical. Not only they need to manage it via multiple mediums like rakes, road transport and sea links, speed and agility of the delivery also becomes a business critical parameter. Especially in large geographies, where there depots in far flung areas, connectivity becomes a bottleneck and as such companies have to shift to a batch mode in terms of capturing transactions from the field. And thus it creates latency in the system.

Mobility, connected businesses and collaboration are driven by the transportation needs of today’s organisations, which have multiple partners and business entities, and operate across large geographies over long timescales. Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, as well as visibility throughout the process, can significantly reduce transport-related costs for the supplier.

iNotify Mobile Enterprise Application platform helps companies to deploy mobility solutions in supply chain that not only help them to create an end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, but also helps them significantly lower cost of logistics. iNotify , with its in-built connectors for various ERP and backend IT systems, ensures a tight real time integration of the mobile app and real time data synchronisation.

Mobility in Supply chain

Some of the areas, where mobile apps developed on iNotify platform, include

Rake Management : Ability to create GRN (Good Receipt Note), Material Issue, Delivery & Invoicing, Material Transfer to depots using a mobile app against the incoming rake. App also can be used to create plan for rake placements and rake loading. This would help companies deploy apps integrated with ERP which will have ability to do invoicing from rake points and hence reduce delays as well as lower secondary logistics cost.

Depot Management : Ability to create GRN(Good Receipt Note), Material Issue, Delivery & Invoicing, Material Transfers etc using either a mobile app or a responsive app that can be used on tablets or browsers enable depot teams to stay connected with the ERP in real time.

Mobility deployment for supply chain will help companies with some of the important benefits like –

– Optimised supply chain

– Lower cost of logistics

– Complete visibility leading to lower last minute changes and lower delays

– Reduce latency in the business process


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