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The next evolution for enterprise mobility

The next evolution for enterprise mobility
Next evolution for enterprise mobility

The trend in the enterprise world to a “bring-your-own-device” environment has reached a tipping point. Up until now, company-owned devices have represented the majority of enterprise mobility, but that will change in 2015. It is safe to assume that there will be far more BYOD than COPE mobile devices.

Expect to see a rise in enterprise-specific apps enabling companies to create secure workplace “containers” on employees’ personal devices. But also expect those employees to become even more sensitive and protective of their personal data on the device – especially as wearable technology will be collecting information on health and personal wellbeing.

This requirement to ensure the privacy of personal data and the security of business data, all residing on the same or linked devices owned by an individual and not by the company, will be a key talking point and challenge for enterprises and their employees in the year ahead.

Given these trends and challenges, CIOs will rely on a vendor that is able to offer end-to-end mobile enterprise solutions, including device, applications, data security, mobile application lifecycle management and expert professional services to integrate everything with their existing software and hardware infrastructure. As with almost any business decision, there are positives and negatives for every choice. It is imperative that decision-makers review all options and weigh not only factors such as price and ease of execution, but also factors that impact employees directly such as service providers and support for devices. As the number of smartphones and mobile devices available on the market grows, we can only expect them to increase in the workplace as well.

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