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Mobility to take centre stage next year

Mobility to take centre stage next year
Mobientech - Blog - Mobile to take centre stage next year

A ‘perfect storm’ of technology and business factors will see all forms of mobility grow strongly in Asia Pacific next year, says new research from IDC.

Research and analysis firm IDC expects the Asia Pacific mobility market to continue experiencing strong growth in 2015 as mobile takes centre stage for business growth in both consumer and enterprise markets.

“The conditions couldn’t be better for strong mobility growth in the Asia Pacific region in the coming year,” says Ian Song, IDC’s enterprise mobility research manager. “We’re seeing the perfect storm of strong consumer transition to mobility for every facet of their lives, as well enterprises treating mobility as a strategic initiative.

“The result of which will be an increased rate of growth for mobile proliferation for the region in 2015.

“We’ve witnessed the consumer segment’s wholesale transition to mobility. China’s 2014 singles day saw over 40% of all transactions completed on the mobile platform, and we predicate that over 50% of consumer transactions will be conducted on mobile in 2015,” Song says.

He finds the enterprise front just as exciting, as more organisations approach mobility strategically. “This means moving away from pure-play mobile device management (MDM) and focusing on app and content management. Additionally, more companies will look at mobility as a growth driver in 2015.”

But Song cautions that the optimism for Asia Pacific mobility growth is not without its downsides. “The sheer diversity nature of this region will offer some unique challenges for vendors and organisations selling and adopting mobility.

“These challenges might be device or application centric. Success in mobility in the region requires a very Asia Pacific mindset.”

Drawing from the latest IDC research and internal brainstorming sessions amongst IDC’s regional and country analysts, the following are key trends IDC believes will have the biggest impact on the Asia Pacific mobility market.

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