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10 Stats About Mobile That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Marketing

10 Stats About Mobile That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Marketing

Smart marketers have known for quite some time what the rest of the world is just figuring out. Those smart marketers were quietly putting trackable phone numbers on their ads and webpages; they were including click-to-calls in their PPC ads and on their landing pages. But now—thanks to a myriad of studies proving once and for all that customers still want to “talk”—the word is out, and everyone else is catching on: calls are the new clicks.

Google’s Website Call Conversions tool has validated the need for call tracking, and even social media boss Twitter has been testing click-to-calls: Mountain Dew used a click-to-call tweet promoting Baja Blast and drove 3,500 phone calls. It’s a smartphone-driven world: we use our devices as they were designed­–as both phones and digital portals to the world. Now we as businesses are beginning to learn how to target them as both as well. With that in mind, here are ten stats that will—or at least they should—turn your head and make you think twice about what you’re doing with your marketing.

1. 25% of all search volume is coming from mobile devices. (Marketing Sherpa)

What’s more, Google and BIA/Kelsey estimate that mobile searches will surpass desktop search in the next 12 months. Searches are happening on mobile devices, and that means that the natural means of conversion is a phone call. Your marketing strategy has to make sense for where customers are finding you, and for smartphones that means making yourself callable.

2. 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. (Latitude)

This means not only having a responsive site, but placing a phone number on your website so when that mobile browser is ready to convert, they can just tap and call.

3. 95% of smartphone users have searched for local info. (Google)

Focusing on local search shouldn’t be something your business is late out of the gate on. The fact of the matter is customers are searching right now, even as you’re reading this blog, and they’re searching on their phones. See next stat.

4. Google conducts 30 million click-to-calls each month. (SmallBizTrends)

That means that every month when customers execute a search, 30 million of them choose to be connected directly with a business over the phone, right there on the spot. What’s more, Google says 70% of mobile searchers have used the call button to connect directly with a business from the search engine results page. They could be calling you.

5. Mobile search will drive over 73 billion calls by 2018. (BIA/Kelsey)

If that number doesn’t make you want to double down on prioritizing phone call conversions, then you’re nuts.

6. 51% of mobile searchers say they “always” or “frequently” need to call a business from mobile search results. (Google)

What does this mean? It means that if you give them a chance, more than half of mobile searchers will call you directly from search. Let them.

7. 60% of mobile searchers state that click-to-calls are most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process. (Google)

Ever hear of shopping cart abandonment? Sure you have: if you’re an e-commerce biz it probably plagues you. (In 2013, as many as 73% of online shopping carts were abandoned.) Turns out, doing something as simple as placing a click-to-call on the landing or checkout page can keep that cart from being abandoned. Customers have questions during the checkout process: give them an easy way to get answers.

8. 47% of mobile searchers say they will explore other brands if a business doesn’t have a phone number associated with search results. (Google)

And why wouldn’t they? They’re on their phone searching for information now and rather than hunting around on your website on their small smartphone screen, they want to press “call” and speak to you directly to get all the answers they need, right away. Putting a number in your ad is a no brainer with stats like these.

9. Consumers across all verticals are likely to use click-to-calls. (Google)

In Google’s “The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase,” Google examines customers in different verticals for the likelihood of their using click-to-calls. 69% for local services; 60% for auto; 51% for tech; 49% for travel. Think your industry is exempt? Not even close.

10. 57% of people who call a business do so to talk to a real person.

In the same study by Google, one of the top reasons customers used the click-to-call to contact a business directly was to talk to a real person. 54% called because they have questions or need more information than a website can answer. Thinking our websites can do all the work is wishful thinking. Your customers have questions and they want to talk.
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