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Mobile Market : How is it Increasing?

Mobile Market : How is it Increasing?

Android was one of the later major entrants in the smartphone OS market. iPhone iOS had already dominated the market and the rest was still under the control of Symbian and Blackberry. Back in 2008, HTC was the first company to launch a handset based on this ‘new’ system. Android has been developed on Linux and is an open source system currently owned by Google. The initial adoption was very slow, but things started to pick up as the competition increased in the smartphone market and Symbian became outdated. By 2012 Android had already captured 60% of the smartphone OS market, surpassing iOS. Today, it is the market leader with a global market share of almost 84%. And together, Android and iOS account for 98 % of the OS in the smartphones today.

Now we are waiting for the latest version of this phenomenal system, internally dubbed Android N, to be released later this year. The developer and beta versions of the OS are already available. What are we expecting for this major release? First of all the multi window support is finally coming out. For people who love to use their devices to multitask and would like to stack things side by side it is a major step. Others include VR integration, Doze 2.0, and more than 200 others.

All of this has had an impact on how we use Mobile phones. According to recent surveys, the number of Smartphones is set to surpass the number of PCs this year. This is a major step for the mobile platform. This means that more people will be joining the hub and become connected. Smartphones offer unparalleled connectivity and with almost 370 million likes on Facebook from Smartphone users on a daily basis, it is hardly surprise that social media usage is on the top. But, this is just one example how smartphones are affecting our lifestyles. If you would like to know more, then continue on to our well-designed infographic from Rebates Zone for the complete details.

Mobile Marketing: How is it Increasing?

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