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Mobile is a priority for more than 60% of companies

Mobile is a priority for more than 60% of companies

Mobile is a critical priority on the business technology agenda for almost two thirds (64%) of respondents, according to a new survey from IDG Enterprise published this week.

The report, titled ‘Building the Mobile Enterprise’, quizzed more than 500 respondents from its various portfolio of publications, and found the primary driver of mobile investments is improving internal communication (68%), ahead of customer retention (64%) and faster decision making (60%).

Similarly important to almost half (49%) of those polled was increasing investment in Wi-Fi network capability, although the reliability of organisations’ internal networks is not considered a major priority. As ever, security remains the greatest concern for mobile according to 54% of respondents overall, but the problem was cited more frequently by enterprises (63%) than SMBs (48%).

The report also delved into organisations’ purchasing habits for enterprise mobile. In each case, the majority of decisions rest with IT alone. For enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, 40% of respondents said IT made the call, compared to 27% which had business input. For additional Wi-Fi capability, 39% of decisions were made by IT, compared to 34% which involved both parties.

In terms of priorities when selecting a mobile vendor, integration (85%), ability to meet security requirements (83%), and easy deployment and management (83%) came top of the list, ahead of support and services (78%) and compatibility with platforms and operating systems (77%). More than a third (36%) of business applications are accessible via smartphones, while the figure rises (43%) for tablets.

Recent research conducted elsewhere complements the IDG figures. A report released by identity and access management (IAM) provider Okta in August found how many traditionally popular enterprise applications are being pushed aside by disruptive competition, while Bitglass research released earlier this month found more than a quarter (28%) of respondents admit they are doing nothing about mobile security.

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