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How Mobility on the shop floor could transform manufacturing

How Mobility on the shop floor could transform manufacturing
Mobility for manufacturing

A well implemented mobile strategy designed on a robust and scalable platform can provide an on-the-go access to workers to create notifications, for maintenance engineers to improve issue resolutions and supervisors to create requisitions and thereby helping the company to minimise production downtime of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing organizations are well aware that they need to become more agile and adaptive in order to remain profitable and competitive in the global economy. Many are already adopting technologies that can help them better manage processes and respond faster to market needs without compromising the safety and security of human and plant assets.

Among these technologies, mobile computing has emerged as one way manufacturers can streamline processes across various organiza- tional functions, and realize significant operational improvements and productivity enhancements along the entire value chain. In today’s dynamic business world, manufactur- ers in every industry are under huge pressure from various stakeholders across the value chain to build organizations that are agile and flexible enough to meet the high demands of a global market. To achieve this objective, manufactur- ing companies must find ways to operate in more efficient, more cost-effective ways.

Maintenance management: In manufacturing, production assets require periodic inspection and routine maintenance to ensure their avail- ability and reliability. Most manufacturers still use paper documents to identify specifications of these assets and obtain details of required maintenance activities. This can result in longer downtime, higher maintenance costs, inaccurate information and deviations from regulatory compliance.

So it is important for manufacturers to provide relevant information and communication capa- bilities to technicians when and where they need it. When on the go, technicians should be able to receive alerts and notifications about plant process events and assigned tasks; identify plant information and asset locations; verify tools and spare parts availability; access knowledge bases; capture data, and report work status to the central system in a timely manner — wherever they may be. This will enable them to have all the information needed to perform maintenance more efficiently and effectively.

Quality management: Improving decision- making processes, managing time-to-mar- ket complexities, delivering more value and ensuring consumer satisfaction are primary concerns for manufacturers. Developing quality standards and continually improving response times are therefore critical to staying competitive.

Through these standards, manufacturers can streamline quality processes to reduce variabil- ity and delays … improve collaboration across the enterprise … combine quality, planning, budgeting and forecasting processes … and provide timely, quality data for critical decision making. These efforts create a feedback loop that aligns day-to-day operations with key business goals to achieve best-in-class perfor- mance.

Mobile solutions can be used to help embed quality processes across the entire manufac- turing value chain — from quality inspection of incoming parts to verification of label printing and order dispatch. Mobile-based quality management can help in effectively implement- ing quality assurance programs and accurately executing the quality inspection process. It can also facilitate in-process optimization, collabo- ration, business planning and decision making.

 iNotify Plant Maintenance Module allows a seamless access to SAP PM module for workers, supervisors, managers and maintenance personnel. It enables the manufacturing companies to build a scalable and real time platform that enables these stake holders an access to create notifications, work orders, requisitions etc to make the overall process responsive which aids the company to minimise production downtime.

Some of the processes that iNotify PM Module enables are

Create / Modify / Display Notifications
Maintenance work orders
Create / Display work orders
Close work orders
Create / Display measurement readings
Confirm time
Confirm material transactions
Purchase requisitions
Purchase orders

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