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5 great ways to use tablet apps in your business: Enterprise iOS

5 great ways to use tablet apps in your business: Enterprise iOS
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In fact, according to Gartner analyst, Phil Redman, tablets play a role in 60% of today’s enterprises and will reach 80% by 2015. As you can tell from any day’s reading of TabTimes, tablets are here to stay and will play an increasingly important role in all types of businesses.

The publishing industry has found phones and tablets to be a great way to offer superior content to subscribers. These devices also present incredible new opportunities for organizations to deliver content to employees and customers alike.

Fortunately, there are comprehensive and easy-to-use app publishing options that make the expense of creating customized multimedia content for mobile devices surprisingly low.

Apple offers two ways to distribute corporate apps. Enterprise iOS distribution lets you distribute the app via intranet, email or mobile device management, but only to your employees. Volume “purchase” (even though the app can be free) of custom B2B apps lets you also privately deliver apps, but to a wider audience that can include customers and clients.

Wondering how an app could fit into your company? Here are five ways your enterprise can make use of an app:
Presentations & Proposals

Sales teams need proposals to pitch new clients, marketing teams use presentations to showcase their products and successes, and upper management uses presentations for everything from board meetings to public speaking engagements. Using an enterprise iOS app to create your presentations and proposals has some great advantages.

First, with the right tools, most creative/design teams capable of doing good print collateral can very easily transition to developing dynamic multimedia apps with 360-degree interactive product views, video testimonials, and stunning image slideshows, as well as ways to add web elements like forms or surveys.

Anyone familiar with Adobe InDesign can easily develop apps like these quickly, making sales more effective and engaging, and saving reams of paper.

On the flip side, creating sales presentations in InDesign and distributing them through the app framework, rather than letting each rep build and edit his own Powerpoint, can help create consistency across your sales force.

If updates do need to be made, they can easily be pushed to the right parts of the organization. Finally, with built-in analytics, you can see exactly how your sales force is using the materials.

Training Manuals

Rather than sending out a 100-page document with complex drawings that quickly become outdated, why not build your training manuals into an enterprise app? One app can easily demonstrate a complex diagram through an interactive illustration.

Making employees interact with the training manual – by clicking pop-ups to reveal additional information or taking a quiz at the end of each chapter – will help them better absorb the information. Once the illustrations are outdated, simply update the issue and send a push notification – no need to spend thousands of dollars on a reprint.

Product Guides

Do you sell products? Product guides can truly come to life in app form. A different app for every automobile that a company is selling, for example, can beautifully describe the features of the car. These apps can be distributed directly to the sales force selling the automobiles, or directly to new automobile owners.

Any product category where you want to create a loyal and lasting relationship with your customers, clients or distributors is ripe for an app-based guide experience.

Internal Newsletters

An enterprise iOS app is a great way to distribute company news to your employees. With an enterprise app, you can streamline appropriate information to specific departments. For example, a marketing director can login to the app and see marketing specific news that is relevant to his role, while a chief technical officer can login to see development updates and technical news.

Plus, with automatic push updates, you can more easily engage your employees instead of waiting for them to log on to the intranet. Make internal communications a push, not a pull.

Annual Reports

Creating an annual report is a big project with an important audience. Your creative department or agency is already creating the print version in InDesign – for very little extra cost and effort, they can make an app version that is not only far more engaging (imagine a video introduction from the CEO, or interactive financials charts you can tap for annotations), but also easier to update.

And with multiple distribution options available, you can ensure that only the right audience sees the information. It’s as easy as the touch of a button.